Why Do I Write When I Know No One Reads It?

Because someone might read it.

And because I read it. This is not a maudlin post of self pity – “wah wah… no one reads my stuff”.  No.

I sucked you in with the title. Not sure what piqued your interest, but I am really glad you are here.

I write because I am driven to write. I launch it into the world because I also enjoy playing the lottery. I have had stuff go viral in the most benign ways. I have no idea what’s going to draw people’s attention to the person behind the post.

That’s what I am really interested in. If what I write interests you in any way, I am going to want to get to know you to some degree. Not like family or a love interest… but as a person whose life is a story worth reading.

A letter once a month catching me up on what is happening in your life. Then I’d get to read it and share my perspective on who I think you are becoming because of the shape the story of your life is taking.

I am so moved by a person… not people. People as a group, are wacky.  Even when they are working for the most just of causes… they can be so wacky.

But as a general rule of thumb a person is reasonable. I talk to lots of “persons” all around the world all the time. I am intimate with their lives and have the privilege of seeing their strengths and encouraging them.

One of these “persons” is a close friend that I speak to everyday. She’s a writer. I love her writing. I am in the middle of reading her novel right now. I am doing it very slowly. It isn’t an overlong novel, so I am sort of doling it out to myself. Extending it for as long as I can.

Anyway, the reason I know that casting your writing into the world of social media is a lottery is because of this person. She really should be a published author. But somehow amid the wash of writers alive and prowling in the waters of the internet she has been lost adrift.

Fear not, for I have cast my net and captured this mermaid. I do believe she will be publishing her first novel herself. I have the very first e-reader copy. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable read so far.

She writes stories for companies. She has a wonderful way with words. http://thecorvidpen.com/

She also has a blog http://thecorvidpen.com/the-corvid-duck This is where you get to ramble around in the head of a writer. I think what is most charming about what she writes is her blatant honesty and the ability to convey that honesty in a way where you immediately understand where she is coming from. She is so incredibly real, so human. It’s an honour just to know her, never mind be a close friend.

So, because she isn’t a household name, I believe that casting your writing out into the world is a lottery.

I do have a point, by the way… this friendship was made because of how much I liked her writing. And subsequently she reads my stuff and loves me anyway.

I may not be the best writer in the world, but I can still convey a message. I think it’s important to write because it does something purely for you. But I also think it’s all right to cast it out to the world and hope that someone gets some understanding from a fumbly written post.

One thought on “Why Do I Write When I Know No One Reads It?

  1. She loves you AND your writing. And she’s grateful to have access to both. So there. Thank you for this. It’s incredibly sweet and kind. I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid!

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