Watching Someone Achieve Their Dreams…

…is a grueling and painful experience.

I live with a man that dreams lavishly and plays hard. He’s someone that loves change and adventure. So when he said he believed he could create medical grade nanodiamond through a detonation process involving Carbon Dioxide and Magnesium, I told him to go for it.

That was 9 years ago. I was 32 and he was 40. We were adults! It was time to stretch our wings and fly.

It turns out, we were not adults. We were still kids and we knew nothing at all except that we loved each other, I believed in him and he believed in himself. We may as well have been 5 years old and asking the big business people if they wanted to play ball.

They didn’t want to play until we had a ball to play with. No matter how enticing the idea seemed to the corporate mind, until they saw tangible results they would not invest. But, if we ever did manage to miraculously achieve results to let them know and they’d be happy to take over.

So, that put us in a bind. We needed money to prove he could make nanodiamond with his new detonation formula.

Medical grade nanodiamond and nanoparticles to be more specific. 9 years ago nanotechnology was just peeping its head to the window. It was looking out, but no one was looking in. My husband’s big beautiful brain saw very clearly that nanotechnology was the future in the medical, industrial and micro electronic industries. Nanodiamond has proven to be a wonderful chemotherapy delivery vehicle to treat cancer. He could make all kinds of medical grade nanoparticles and much more cheaply simply by switching up the ingredients in the detonation formula.

No “proper” investor would give us money until we had something and we needed money to prove we had it. Daren, (getting tired of calling him ‘my husband’) magically began to make things happen. He charmed the CEO of an explosives facility to let him come up and do 5 detonations. He left to drive up north at 3am to get there for 10am. His plan was to go for the day and come back because we couldn’t afford a hotel.

I sent him to bed the night before at 9pm and stayed up till 3am sifting magnesium powder for the detonations he had the next day.

He came back late the next night looking bleary eyed but on fire. He was so excited to filter out the powder he’d brought home. We had just enough money to get them analyzed for diamond.

And there was diamond! Everything he’d theorized worked exactly as he knew it would. The formula detonated and the results were medical grade nanoparticles including nanodiamond.

Now he had some proof.

People he’d worked with in the past became fascinated by his tenacity and passion and started to give him money. Our first investors.

We received enough money to pay several very important patent bills that were creeping up on us. Somehow someone would always swoop in like magic and give Daren that boost he needed to keep moving. We did a few more tests thanks to the investors that allowed us to learn that the raw byproduct could be used on its own as a sort of “all purpose” polish. Environmentally friendly and nontoxic.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDhLl0rZ1SY&t=2s

Now we had a product too.

Daren started poking his nose back into the corporate world. He hooked up with 2 people that I have never trusted. One was a financial guy and the other an HR dude. For 3 years they yanked him this way and that and brought him to people that wanted to dilute his initial investors and give him a minimum role in the company.

Every… time.

We didn’t like that so much. We have turned down quite a few deals that would have resulted in total loss of the company. We DID have something they wanted. Did we have to sell our souls to give it to them?

Watching Daren deal with the truths of the business world has been one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life.

He is a deeply good soul. He trusts and loves easily and he has been bitten hard and often all the way through this.

This is the grueling part of watching someone achieve their dreams.

Life is not an easy place to play in if you don’t fit into a role. There is very little logic at play in this world. There are rules and restrictions and assumptions… but not a lot of logic.

It is assumed if you have an idea that you will sell it out to the highest bidder and let them do what they wish with it and be thankful you got any of the pie at all.

And all of those people that believed in you? Originally invested in you? If they are lucky, they might get their money back.

I have learned that there are hundreds of things the corporation knows that we don’t and they will take what we have when they can. I couldn’t always tell where the strategy was going, but I always knew there was one.

Remember those 2 advisers I said I didn’t trust? Well I was right not to trust them. One of them sent an “accidental” email to Daren — a conversation thread that clearly stated they were conspiring a “plan B” behind Daren’s back.

They never did tell us what it was. We’ve been in contact with a lawyer to see what our rights are and how should we let them go. There are no contracts. Just 2 years of time these “advisers” put in. Not any of that time has progressed Daren. Daren progresses Daren, all these 2 have done is slow him down.

But Daren is a kinder soul than I am and saw 2 people that were excited about the product like he was.

But they were never excited about Daren, who he is or what he stands for. To them it has been about selling the nanoparticles. To Daren it has been about achieving a dream.

Which he has successfully done.

But now what? He can’t work with the rigid confines and greed of the corporate world. How does he find someone he can trust to work with that will allow his invention to touch the lives of as many people as he can?

Well, I am still not sure. But I am on a hunt to find them. If Daren can achieve the impossible and he’s MY husband, then I can surely do the same.

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