The Unworthy Hero

Pilot for TV Series + 1 Episode

Logline: When an alien superhero accidentally merges with an ordinary girl, through perseverance they embrace the change, ready to face their attackers, only to learn their time is limited and just one will survive this union.


Pilot Pitch: The year is 2222. 12 years ago the Otar, a race of aliens, rained fire from the skies for two days nearly obliterating all life on earth. An alien from a planet called D’Intyre, looking conveniently human, stopped them with her superhuman powers. What was left of the human race called her “Salvation”. She helped them rebuild, brought back order, structure and wifi. She became the resident superhero of the high-walled New Earth City.

Today, Petunia Branton, or Pidgy as her father called her, like the rest of New Earth City, adored Salvation. The man she worked for, nasty, grumpy and downright evil, Mr. Carlington, did NOT. He believed Salvation was trouble and his every action was bent on destroying her. He hired Calamity, the world’s best assassin, with a twist. The Otar left behind broken pieces of technology holding wealths of information, including: conjuring. The ability to shift reality on a molecular level based on how one thinks. Calamity acquired this knowledge. An attempted conjuring by Calamity was bungled and Pidgy and Salvation found themselves merged. Salvation’s body with Pidgy at the helm. While waiting for Salvation’s crime fighting team to science a fix the two women connected quickly. Soon Pidgy was flying around New Earth City saving citizens and fighting crime. But their friendship was imperiled for medical evidence revealed that Salvation’s body could not contain both women’s essences!

Meanwhile, Carlington had Calamity reanimate 300 dead Otar (he’d been hiding in an underground lab) to rampage the city and inevitably kill Salvation (and Pidgy). Carlington set the Otar loose at the exact moment Salvation decided to give Pidgy her body. Pidgy, now empty of Salvation must figure out how to destroy 300 zombie aliens, alone, without destroying the city in the process. With intel from Salvation’s team Pidgy learned the Otar were extremely flammable due to the decayed gases built up in their stomachs. She led the Otar out of the city and into the desolate wastelands that surround it. Once far enough away, she ignited the group of Otar causing a huge explosion and killing them all. Carlington escaped bitter and determined to exact his revenge while Pidgy and Salvation’s team must reconcile their loss and accept that New Earth City’s superhero is now Pidgy.

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The Unworthy Hero – Episode 2, Life Goes On

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