The Madness of My Life

So, I am trying to create a dynamic front page on the http://envirodiamond.net/ so that when people get there they have some idea as to what they do.

It has to be creative, inspirational and influence people to share it. So, as it turns out, I have no idea how to do this… but here we go:

We raise money for innovative world changing ideas.

A lot of corporate investors claim that, don’t they? They want you to give up the bulk of what you own and maybe they’ll develop it. Maybe.

Your local government has no idea what to do with you.

So… now what?

Well, you have come to the right place. We’ve been you. In many ways we still are.  We don’t want to own your project, we just want to get it off the ground if it can truly help people.

Our first project was developed by the President of EnviroDiamond Technologies Inc.. Daren Swanson is one of those geniuses you read about.  The visuals on these slides are picture analysis of the polish and nanodiamond.  Just in case you were wondering.

Daren has developed a non-toxic cleaner that can polish anything from silver to finished wood right up to a mirror shine.  No more stinky smells or headaches!

Our second project is a little more lofty. The same process that makes the polish, also makes biocompatible nanodiamond. Which is actually really cool and used in the medical industry to treat brain tumours very effectively.

Our third project is still undecided. Maybe it’ll be yours?