Social Media WTF?

I am trying to do this social media thing and to be perfectly honest, I am not sure how to break the outer barrier. I bump up against the eternal wall of tweets to get a hopeful retweet and some followers.  It is all intensely insane, but I do it and find myself trying to understand why some things work and others don’t.  Or is it simply bad timing?

Twitter is really only helpful if people already know you and wish to have some form of dialogue with you. Moment to moment glimpses into a celebrity’s life. You know in that moment they are right there, and so are you… and the average person gets something from that.

I also suspect I am not using hashtags properly, if I remember to use them at all.

William Shatner has a strong hashtag game. That guy knows how to hash a tag.

Nathan Fillion has a good twitter rapport with his twitter people. I have tried to catch his attention a bazillion times. I know if he retweeted me with “ask for a name reading!” that’s all it would really take to have my circuits overloaded.  I’d have hundreds, possibly thousands of people, asking for a name reading. If I did a good job, and I would, because I am good at it, they would also retweet me and maybe… just maybe – I could break that outer circle. The idea of being able to possibly affect someone positively just by entertaining them by reading their name, is an amazing feeling that would be.

So, I am gonna keep trying Nathan Fillion! You can’t stop me, one day you will read my name reading!