Reality Rezzers – Brief Summary

It starts with a girl. Her name is Lily. She is a computer geek and she develops a program that allows the user to go into a virtual reality and create things with their mind. She has been developing it for the “Big Wig” corporation. She’s had a major breakthrough. She has been creating furniture in a virtual reality just by thinking about it.

What she doesn’t know is the Big Wig corporation has her under surveillance and knows she’s completed the project.

She has a best friend that lives across the sea (not sure what country, still deciding) his handle is Lydell. They are gamers together. Part of the show will involve CG and game mechanics… as Lydell and Lily¬†will often interact in their favorite game that way.

**NOTE: the dummy game they play is called Portal Pass Scavengers and there is a very real opportunity to turn it into a playable MMO ūüôā but that is another dream for another¬†category

She tells Lydell right away and in that convo you learn about Lily. Her family was recently killed in a freak accident. She moved with the understanding that the Big Wig corporation would pay her to develop the idea etc.. she is very fragile at the moment. So after ten months, this is an exciting breakthrough. Her employers have set a meeting for Thursday at 10am.

Thursday comes and she meets with Preston Miller a nice looking businessman who is as crooked as the Joker. You get a taste for that right away when he fires Lily before she is given a chance to present her breakthrough. Which they know she’s had.

She goes home defeated only to find her apartment has been ransacked and her main and gaming computers have been stolen. All she has is the back up usb drive on her key-chain. She contacts Lydell in total despair. Lydell is clearly worried for Lily’s mental state of mind as he decides he is going to fly out and see her. Bear in mind this is the first time these two have ever met in ten years of knowing each other. But he knows her well enough to know that she shouldn’t be alone.

I picture an airport scene, because I have always wanted to do an airport scene… Lydell shows up.¬† Lily is there to pick him up but she’s so bummed she doesn’t even notice him. He sees that she doesn’t see him and walks straight up to her. She doesn’t see anything until he taps her on the shoulder. It takes her a minute to register and then she bursts into tears and wraps Lydell in a bone crushing hug.

So now Lydell is there and he is convinced the sketchy people at Big Wigs is responsible for the theft. Lily’s all “fine, so what can we do about it?”

This is where we meet Skipp.¬† Skipp is a typical smart mouthed character. He’s a journalist for a smarmy newspaper that digs dirt up on people and companies.¬† He knows Lydell because they play war games together. As the series unfolds you come to realize Lydell knows a lot of people, and there is more to him then anyone can possibly realize.

Anyway, Skipp comes in and gets the story from Lily and Lydell. He says he’ll go off and see what he can find at Big Wigs. I have a scene in mind where Skipp artfully maneuvers his way through Big Wig’s company. The cameras see him, but when Preston goes back at some point to look at the video of Skipp’s entrance, they never see his face. It’ almost as if he dances with the cameras. So they are unable to figure out who he is.

Lydell uses his hard earned savings to buy Lily a new rig. She cries, hes sweet and very honest with why he gets it for her. Great moment for character development.

NOTE: the important thing about Lily and Lydell is that it is a male/female relationship that will never advance into romance. It is strictly a friendship of intense love and value for who the other person is. They have been as intimate as two people can be without touching or crossing romantic boundaries. He knows her better than anyone and she knows him… as far as who he is, anyway.

So they get her new rig up and running and she plugs in the back-up usb. “It’s all here…” she says in relief. “I’ll just have to reinstall a few programs.” And within a few days she’s thinking up furniture again. She’s starting to get pretty good at it. Lydell decides to take all of his vacation days and says he can stay for 6 weeks if she wants. She happily accepts. It is obvious with each day he is there with her, she improves.

One evening Lydell is gaming in his room and Lily is in the living room tinkering with her goggles. “This should account for any pixelation that takes place in the creation. Now let’s see if it works.” she puts on the goggles to see what she can make.

She’s in this virtual world and starts thinking up furniture and making it.¬† It seems to be a lot smoother, a lot easier this time. Satisfied that she has perfected the program she removes the goggles only to be faced with the realization that all of the furniture she made in the virtual reality was scattered all around her in real life. Dun dun DUUUUNNNNN!

She pulls Lydell from his game and shows him what she has done. He is seriously blown away… but then, who wouldn’t be? She does a demonstration and Lydell confirms that furniture appears out of nowhere. OMG.

So they do the most logical thing they can think of, they open up a furniture store…

Meanwhile, the Big Wigs are pretty pissed with Preston Miller for stealing everything necessary to have the program but be unable to make it work. So now he’s got to get his hands on Lily¬†again. What was she doing that was so different? So that plot line begins. (And I have a theory on why she can do it and no one else can.)

Skipp comes back with very little information and suggests that the amount of security they are using would suit the CIA or NASA well, but not a typical corporation. He decides these guy bear looking into and even thinks this might get him over this writer’s slump he’s been alluding to.

And it goes on and on from there…