Nimblers & More…

Lily ran down the hallway as debris clattered all around her. Her very home was coming apart at the seams.  Whoever it was that was attacking their town, had the help of some very proficient earth nimblers.  She learned very quickly that each element was aiding in this attack, as fire, wind and water attacked the insides and outsides of the house.

“Auntie Beale!” she cried, “Where are you?” she managed to duck a falling beam. Her house had never seemed so large as it did in this moment trying to find her aunt and uncle. “Where are you?” A plume of fire singed her wild red hair and tucked it into her collar.

“Lily! You need to get out of here!”

“Uncle Blythe!” Lily ran toward the voice and stared in horror at her uncle trapped under a wooden beam. “I need to get you out of here.”

“No you need to get you out of here, Lily, there is so much we should have told you and we didn’t. You’d think after reading you all of those bedtime stories I would have learned.” he said, his eyes tearing up.

“What? Uncle Blythe, no!” she touched the beam and hissed, she pulled her hands away, burned. “I can’t just leave you here.” she began to cry, she was only 18, this was far too much to deal with.  The most difficult thing in Lily’s life so far was trying to keep her best friend, Nenara, out of trouble.

“Lily, you must listen to me. You need to find Nenara and you two must run, far away from here.  Pyros will know what to do.” Blythe winced. “Please Lily, you must go, or I will have failed in protecting you all these years.”

“I don’t understand Nenara’s dad? But,.” she knelt before him and took his face in her hands. “Uncle Blythe…” debris once again fell around her, but nothing ever seemed to actually hit her.

“There is not time… you trust me, don’t you Lily?”

“More than anything, but…” Lily said.

“No buts, my girl. Your auntie is already dead… and I am dying. You must get out of here, I promise that Pyros will explain everything. Please… you are too important, we can’t lose you.” His eyes suddenly widened and the life went out of him as if it had been sucked from his body.

Lily cried out and kissed his forehead, but she got up and she ran… she ran like the wind.

When Lily emerged from the house, things were not much better outside. The houses all around her were on fire and the ground was twisted and broken. She climbed over chunks of rock and earth, never slowing down, it was almost as if in that moment she could fly.  When she got to Nenara’s place she was not surprised to find it also on fire.  But she knew where the family would go in such an emergency and raced toward the storm cellar.