Hire A Namereader For Your Event

That’s right. Namereaders are a real thing. I just happen to be the head hauncho reader and I am exploiting the name for my own purposes. I am not the best reader, that’s Daren Swanson, that guy is magical. I can “read” your name, but that guy coaxes the very essence of who you are out. He goes way beyond name reading. If he’s available you can hire him for an event or party you are throwing. Trust me, you’ll love having him entertain your guests. If you live in the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada, we can send him right to your front door. But we do skype nameread as well. You can set up a booth with a laptop at your event and the guest can sit down on webcam and be told all about themselves just through their name.

You have to have it done, in order to see just how cool this is.

You can hire us through http://nightlifeinc.com for a live in person show.

Or contact us via email through the form below for a skype performance:

You can also use that same form to learn about becoming a namereader yourself.