Music Videos

This is me. Not always the best recordings of my voice, but it’s still me. Jack of all trades, Master of none. Alchemy unplugged was the name of my duo. We don’t perform as often and when we do it’s always for seniors. 44 years old and I could never figure out how to make my voice heard by more than a small club or auditorium. Maybe one day that will change.

I’ll create better videos and recordings for all of these songs…. eventually.

This first song was written by my husband back in 1994, long before I even met him. But when I heard the song I knew I had to sing it for him.

I Just Want To Know You – Alchemy unplugged

I Just Want To Know You is an original song written (lyrics and music) by Daren Swanson in 1994. He’s the one playing the guitar and on raw edgy vocals we have Lisa Nicole. Both musicians have been playing together for over 17 years.

Me painting my shrapnel jewellery while singing Edge of Night from Lord of the Rings. Billy Boyd, you rock my world!

Edge of Night Tribute – Lisa Nicole

This is a tribute to Billy Boyd’s version from the Lord of the Rings movie. I do not own copyright and will make zero money from this. Thank you Billy for the inspiration!

Me singing Let it go because as a vocalist that is one heck of a fun song to sing!

Let It Go Cover by Lisa Nicole

Let It Go vocals by Lisa Nicole, guitar by Daren Swanson, video production by Naturally Focused. This song is not the property of either Lisa Nicole or Naturally Focused. I am 39 and tired of singing bar songs… I’d love to be a Disney voice, if you can share this and help me make it happen I will die a happy girl!

My version of Wish You Were Here. It’s a bit bassy so you’ll wanna pull some of that out.

Wish You Were Here by Alchemy unplugged

This Wish You Were Here cover is dedicated to my mother Patti Farmer. Rest in peace mom, it’s finally over.

In The Beginning is a song written by Paul Williams about a bazillion years ago. The recording and video are sketchy at best, but it is nearly ten years old.

In the Beginning

I asked Paul Williams if I could record this song for him to have a listen to. After all, he wrote it. I did, he said it was nice and nothing came of it. I’d like to send him this song again with say 10,000 views on it.

Bring Him Home from Les Mis. Copyright police got all over it, so make sure you have adblock up when you listen! Otherwise you’ll have to wait for the ad to pass.

Bring Him Home Cover By Lisa Nicole

This is the next in my series of songs I love to sing. For the last four months I have been trying to film this and get it right. This was the best I could do to honour those that died for my freedom.

Hallelujah has no music. It’s totally done with reckless timing and pure feel.


In honour of the life Leonard Cohen had, the best I could do was tribute one of his songs. The man was brilliant and he will be missed. **All copyright belongs to Mr. Cohen Performed by Lisa Nicole for more information on the artist