After This

This is a crazy idea that came to me in a giant rush, like they always do. I have been going back through my emails to find the ideas and put them down here. Dialogue is my forte, so this summary isn’t going to have the same sparkle it would with two developed characters. But you never know who might decide to take me up on writing the script.

OK there are 2 people

a) someone that doesn’t know what’s going on in lifebut wants to believe something – we’ll call him the Agnostic

b) the atheist. we all know what the atheist chooses to believe. Nothing – we’ll call her Atheist. *could be male or a mix of male and female, just going with 2 hers for now

The first half of the movie is who they are and how they choose to live their lives and what they believed in and how it flavoured the way they behaved. Where hope might flourish in Agnostic it dies in Atheist and vice versa etc..

The second half of their movie is their tragic deaths. Mutually exclusive, and happen at the same time.

They open their eyes after death and find themselves standing in a great barren expanse. Atheist does not see Agnostic at all. Atheist starts walking, trying to work out what happened and how she got there. Agnostic follows, no idea what’s going on. She figures Atheist will acknowledge her at some point.

The story goes along with both of them being isolated from each other. One knowing the other is there and the other never suspecting. Agnostic talks to Atheist constantly but Atheist speaks only when frustrated.  How she hated his life and it wasn’t fair how things were. How there was never anything she could do about it.

Agnostic scoffs at her, unheard, but the audience hears. Agnostic speaks of negative attitudes and the desire to feel good despite how awful life is. It’s just the way she is. But Atheist becomes only angrier, seething in her emptiness and loneliness and Agnostic can only watch her spiral down.

Eventually Agnostic realizes that regardless of where they are, she cannot stay with Atheist. Their anger and hatred have become too much to be around. Even if it is not directed at no one.

Agnostic gives a heartfelt goodbye and turns and leaves, walking in any other direction,

Atheist doesn’t miss a beat. snarling and raging and becoming more and more agitated.

Agnostic walks for a bit, upset and unsettled by everything. Asks the expanse what the heck is going on… and sits down for a good cry. When she open her eyes, she are sitting in the middle of a beautiful city. People are all around her, smiling so warmly. When she stands up, the crowd applauds and a few of the children hug her.

“What is going on?” Agnostic asks.

“You did it! You were able to move on.” a random stranger says. “We’ve been watching you for weeks now.”

“Watching? How?” Agonstic asks.

“This has been here the whole time, you just had to see it.

Wonderful deep convo and at the end of it all… you hear the sound of a snarling voice and the group turns. “Two in one day… they are getting less rare.” It is a person that is clearly in the same state as Atheist. Unable to see what’s around them.

Pan back to see the city, then it fades, pan back and reveal other solitary people walking, spread far from each other… and those that do cross paths, do not even notice the other is there.

There would be no god here. All of the people that wished there was more than just death – get their wish, but not their answers.

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