About Name Reader

I am a Name Reader, that’s one of the things I do.

Under the guise of The Ancient Millennial I make shrapnel jewellery and try to make the world a friendlier place.

As Lisa Nicole I write scripts, sing and come up with the occasional board game.

The Name Reader site is my attempt to bring all of those things into one place.

I’m tired of living a coward’s life. I’m 44 years old and I have never once tried to get my stories out into the world. Now that I’m pushing through, I have found that agents of any kind are swamped with unsolicited material and require a recommendation of some kind before they will even consider your work. So, as a wee Canadian from pretty much nowhere I don’t really have any connections at all.

So, through social media and a few miracles I am hoping to drive people to my site to be entertained by my writing, my music and whatever other madness I decide to spit out.

All the writing on this site belongs to me. Anything original or fanfiction was created by me. Unlike Hollywood, I don’t need to resurrect old stories that have already been done. I’m all about fresh and original.

Portal Pass Scavengers is, in fact, the best board game ever created… and only about 50 people have ever played it. My fault, really. Like I said, I’ve been a coward and I haven’t done anything with anything, including the board game. Check out the video under the Portal Pass Scavengers’ page and see the magic of a board game that plays like a video game.

My music is really just my voice. I can’t play an instrument, I certainly can’t write songs. I had thought back in high school that it would make me famous. It did not. It’s a great voice, but I guess that’s just not good enough. But, it is still a talent I have and this site is all about my talents.

What is shrapnel jewellery? So glad you asked! It’s important to be aware of the even bigger story behind it. One that involves two well-intentioned Canadians and their plan to follow a dream.

Daren, that’s my husband, is a legitimate genius. It is not easy to be a genius in this world. I personally wouldn’t know, but I have watched my husband struggle with the corporate world to execute an idea he patented and brought to life. An idea, which, if in the right hands, would be very useful.

1. It’s a new formulation for an explosive that is 100% environmentally friendly.

2. The ingredients in the formulation are not only 100% environmentally friendly, but once detonated, the ingredients fuse together and create a polycrystalline abrasive powder that is pretty comparable to polycrystalline diamond (and WAY cheaper).

3. It’s a new way to look at detonation physics. Rather than a supersonic combustion, the formulation creates a supersonic reduction. Which is just wild and if you want to know more about the science you can visit my husband’s site www.EnviroDiamond.com –  It’s chock full of information on what he’s up to.

So, my genius husband is making science magic and I am trying to help him. And part of that help is trying to find ways to help him. So, when he came home with a bunch of exploded pieces of pipe I said… “What’s all this?” and he said, “It’s the pipe shrapnel from the detonation, I think it looks cool.” and I said, “There’s quite a lot of it – ooooooo LOOK AT THESE!” and I reached into a plastic pail and pulled out a few eccentrically shaped little pieces. “These would make beautiful pendants!” And my husband took one look at the rusted bent piece of metal and said, “If you say so.”

And so… I took all the small pieces, acid cleaned them and hand-painted them or shined them up. Each shrapnel bit looked incredible… and each one was unique.

Now I had to get them onto a chain and the idea of drilling a hole into each one gave me a headache just thinking about it. So, I figured I’d wire them. I relied on the shape and look of the shrapnel for its beauty and all the filigree wiring did was make it look like jewellery. I had taken something destroyed and broken and polished it up to fine jewellery.

I showed them to Daren and he said they were beautiful, was I going to try to sell them? I told him they were for him to use as giveaways to help promote EnviroDiamond. He had a conference coming up and I gave him 100 to give away.

He came back beaming about the shrapnel jewellery. “EVERYONE loved them! Not one person didn’t want one. Lisa, I think you can sell them!”

And so, here I am. I’m going to try to sell them. I’m looking for a few things: one, is people who would like to sell the jewellery. I am slowly getting a website set up and I’d like to secure vendors ahead of time to be ready when I am.

At some point the jewellery will be available for individual purchase, but right now I am focusing on selling to vendors and creating pieces for EnviroDiamond to give away. If you’d like a piece of jewellery you can hit me up in my DMs on instagram at theancientmillennial or use the howdy@shrapneljewelry.com address. They always know how to find me.

See you in the funny pages!