A Vague Idea of Something…

A severely excellent martial arts master is searching for the “right” person to pass his or her legacy onto.

That person turns out to be a 40 year old business woman.

The martial arts master comes from a long line of warriors that have been training for a battle she has been chosen to fight. The date and location are even disclosed.

The Master must convince the new student he/she is not crazy and to train them to fight.

A bond grows (why will be determined)

A situation occurs that kills the Master.

The student continues her training and perhaps changes her life etc..

On the date in question, she wakes up, showers, and gets ready for battle. We have no idea of the old man was crazy or not. Just that he could fight hella well.

She arrives on the day and waits and waits all day long. Nothing. She goes home a little sadder.

She’s at home, perhaps smoking a j and contemplating life. Looking over the notes her master left behind.

It’s in that moment that something triggers the necessary information to get her to realize that either the date or location was wrong.

I am leaning more toward location. So, let’s run with that.

It turns out the clues to reveal the location when looked at a different way reveal a totally different location altogether.

Now she must decide if she should go and see if anything has happened. Perhaps it’s hours of flying time away. He’s been gone so long, he must have been mad…

… but she goes. Out of respect for the man that changed her life, albeit unwillingly on her behalf at first.

And when she gets to the location… the battle takes place, whatever it is.

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